Inside the Mind of a Guy

Inside the Mind of a Guy

Madison Dalton

Sam Pescatore, Business Manager

A guy’s mind is a girl’s worst enemy; it is the epitome of confusion. In reality, the guy’s mind is fairly simple, IF one can figure out the guy codes. Men think very differently when it comes to relationships, sports, school, and stress; that’s a given. But just how different is a guy’s thought process? How do guys handle the everyday problems girls consider catastrophes? It’s so simple that its complex.

Relationships are tricky. Guys handle asking a girl out in much simpler ways than one would expect. All guys are different with their techniques of “getting” a girl, and asking them out. But when a guy does get to the point that their ready to date a girl, he will tell her without hesitation because he knows what he’s looking for.

“I want a girl with good looks, a great personality, and an even better smile. When I find that girl she’ll know it,” Joe Sigamon, sophomore, said.

Stress Is a big deal no matter who you are. Everyone handles stress differently. Girls tend to transfer their stress to their emotions, as seen on every teenage reality show; girls are known for becoming dramatic and emotional when stressed. Another misconception about guys is the fact that they’re “never stressed”; guys have just as much frustration and stress as girls. They just release there stress in more recreational or less dramatic ways.

“When I’m upset or stressed I just play Frisbee or hit the gym, Dylan Claerbout, senior, said, it helps me to stay calm.”

Guys are also a lot smarter than girls give them credit for, most guys can tell if a girl is unhappy just by her tone or facial expressions. Guys can decipher the girl codes, almost as well as girls can decipher the there’s; lucky for them most girls follow the same patterns when upset, angry, or sad. For example, if a girl says “nothing” is wrong, and then continues to pout the entire day, a guy can be reasonably sure that she’s upset.

 “I may not always know WHY a girl is upset, but I can automatically tell if something’s up just by the way her tone is,” Chris Mayne, Junior, said.

Not all guys spend their weekends playing COD, or eating chipotle for every meal. In fact, most guys are busy with school, some sort of sport or hobby, and friends and family to impress.

“My girlfriend is really chill. I have basketball a lot and she helps me balance everything out, I don’t normally get stressed a lot, and even if I am she’s always there to help,” Max Kassel, junior, said.

Guys and girls have a lot in common, more than one would expect. Guys just handle situations differently; it isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it’s just different. Guys don’t tend to dwell on the little things and they’re better listeners then girls give them credit for. All it takes to figure out the guy’s mind is to just be patient, soon enough there will be that age were the guy and girl’s mind just “click”, and it may not make perfect sense but it may just make everything a little more clearer.