Love Moves

Valentina Ferreira

Jessica Small, Sports Editor

For Valentina Ferreira, love has always been a top priority. But unlike most high school students, she isn’t interested in the romantic connotation associated with love. For her, it is associated with change. Big change.

“[Other clubs] said I was thinking ‘too big,’” Ferreira, junior, said. “That’s how Love Moves kind of started. If I can’t join them, because my ideas are “too big”, let’s create a club where ideas can be as big as they want.”

At the beginning of this school year, Ferreira started Love Moves, a club dedicated to “spreading the love” that she believes everyone deserves. Ms. Rodriguez, an ESE sign language interpreter at Wellington, is the Love Moves club sponsor.

“The first thing we did with the club was pass out little inspirational quotes and verses with candy just to say ‘People, have a good day. Love moves, loves you,’” Ferreira said. “I saw the little quotes on lockers and other places, and I was like ‘Oh, it is making a difference!’”

But for the members of Love Moves, that wasn’t enough. They wanted to make a bigger impact on their community, so they decided to approach the issue of human trafficking.

“What needs more love, than those who are oppressed in human trafficking?” Ferreira said. “Human trafficking is a $22 billion industry, with over 30 million victims a year. Of those, a shocking 17,500 are brought into the United States each year, Florida ranks third in the nation. Sadly, 99% of the victims don’t get rescued.”

Many people don’t realize just how close to home Human Trafficking is.

“In Palm Beach Gardens, [traffickers] rent out homes in nice neighborhoods. They bring in workers , and keep them there.” Ferreira said. “They transfer them from house to house. People think that’s normal, because there are a lot of maid services in that area, being an area of wealth. Human trafficking is really all around us.”

To tackle such a massive issue, Love Moves came up with the idea of a yard sale.

“The yard sale is on April 21, from 8am to 1pm in the bus loop. You can buy a table from me for $25, you can bring your stuff and sell it for your profit, or you can give the money you make to our cause,” Ferreira said. “You can [also] donate your things or money, and we’ll sell them. Or you can just come.”

All of the proceeds go to the Freedom Safe House (a home for rescued victims) project.

“[The money] goes to building it, furnishing it, having materials, and getting specialists to work with the girls once they come in,” Ferreira said

To get involved with the Love Moves Yard Sale for human trafficking, visit