Project Graduation is Well on its Way for May 2012

WHS Project Graduation

Meagan Leon, Student Life Editor

A tradition from the 1970s is coming back toWellington High School on May 21. Parents of WHS seniors will be hosting the annual Project Graduation “lock-in” this year at the Pierson Recreational Center.

Project Graduation is a lock-in that is held the night of graduation. The new high school graduates arrive at the recreational center at 10 pm and leave at around 5 am. The principle idea behind this was to keep kids off the streets late at night and safe.

In the late 70s, parents started noticing the accelerated accident rates of teens during the months of April and May (graduation months) and thus Project Graduation was created.

At the event, there are plenty of activities, raffles and games, keeping the seniors busty and enjoying the night. A DJ, inflatables (sumo wrestling, jousting, etc.), a hypnotist and a tattoo artist are just some of the night’s highlights.

One of the most popular attractions at Project Grad are the raffles that take place throughout the night. Items such as mini refrigerators, microwaves, bicycles, and printers are all given away based on raffle tickets. Students can put all of their tickets to one raffle prize or spread the tickets out to various prizes. A casino, where tickets are won, can also increase a student’s chances of winning a specific prize.

To fund all of these prizes and activities, the parents of seniors have a goal to raise a total of $20,000 for the event. A golf tournament the weekend of December 4 brought in close to $8,000 alone, so the parents are well on their way.

From January 30 to February 2, TCBY is helping the parents by donating a portion of their sales to Project Graduation.

To attend the event, the Project Grad committee is asking each parent to pay $20.12 for the cost of each student’s ticket. A small price to pay for a fun and safe evening to celebrate the newly graduated class.