Just Pin It!


Photo Credit: Jessica Small

Meagan Leon, Student Life Editor

In an age where technology and social media are constantly evolving, it is a challenge to create a media outlet that thrives. Each social networking site that is created has to compete with the top dogs—Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.

Climbing its way up the social networking ladder is Pinterest. A new virtual pinboard where people around the world can find common interests, like people’s “pins”, and “repin” to their own boards.

The goal of Pinterest is to discover people with common interests through crafts, home décor, and fashion. Many people join Pinterest to redecorate their homes, plan weddings, and find new recipes.

Everyone that joins Pinterest creates boards of different categories where he or she can pin pictures and videos of that category. Following people is like any other social networking, however, one can follow people whose pins are similar to theirs.

There is no limit to the amount of boards that one has, and they can be centered on any category. Many people name their boards “dream house” or “my wedding.”

“I redecorated my room using ideas from Pinterest. It’s like the new Facebook; I check it more than Facebook!” Jenna Baxter, senior, said.

Currently, Pinterest is invite only, meaning one can request an invite from Pinterest, or be invited by their friends. Though the wait is long, it is well worth it. Pinterest hosts thousands and thousands of “boards” dedicated to multiple categories, it is almost impossible to find something that isn’t of interest

“I found this really cool way to curl my hair and it’s super easy. I never would have though of styling it that way had I not seen it on Pinterest,” Kaci Bennett, senior, said.

People can even follow celebrity designers and interior decorators on Pinterest. Many of these famous decorators have Pinterests of ideas and new inspirations. Following these boards can bring new inspirations to the average user.

While the Pinterest population at WHS is still small, the ideas students have found are big. From gift ideas to room décor, the possibilities are endless on Pinterest. Pinterest is quickly reaching the popularity of Facebook and Twitter, and it seems its going to stay that way for a long time.