WHS Wave Challenge Results Are in; See Your Teachers’ Baby Photos!

Stephanie Courtois, Editor in Chief


Have you ever wondered what your teachers looked like as youngsters? They were children once too and oh so adorable. Now you have an opportunity to see how well you really know them. The images featured below are baby pictures of faculty members at WHS. This is the ultimate test to see how well you have paid attention in class.

The student who correctly matches the most faculty members to their baby photo will win a Duffy’s Sports Grill gift card for $25.00. Good luck to everyone and let the contest begin!

Directions to enter the contest:

1) Identify as many faculty baby photos as possible to their corresponding name. Use the word bank below to help with the selection. Not all answers choices will be used.

2) Answers must have the number of the picture along with their title, such as Mr. or Ms., followed by their last name. EXAMPLE: Photo 1 – Mr. Smith

3) Entries should be in the form of an email and should have this information as the subject:

– Your first and last name

– Grade

– English teacher

4) Send submissions to [email protected] by January 31. Written entries will not be accepted.

5) If in the event there are multiple students who have completed the contest correctly, the student who submits their entry first will win.

Answers: 1- Mr. Mauney, 2- Ms. Cooperman, 3- Mr. Zucker, 4- Mrs. Delplato, 5- Mr. Sink, 6- Mrs. Rigolo, 7- Mrs. Gibbins, 8- Mr. Rejc, 9- Ms. May, 10- Mr. Shank

1.        2.       3.

4.      5.     6.

7.      8.      9.


Teacher Bank:

Mr. Fletcher, Ms. May, Mr. Brannon, Mr. Gaba, Ms. Cooperman, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Delplato, Mr.Sink, Mrs. Varvarigos, Mr. Shank, Mrs. Rigolo, Mr. Nelson, Mr. Riddle, Mrs. Gibbins, Mrs. Baxter, Mr. Zucker, Mr. Schaber, Ms. Webber, Mr. Mauney, Ms. Comer