Get Out of the Dating Dumps


Photo credit: Jessica Small

Lizzi Rigolo, Photo Editor

Are you sick of going to dinner and a movie every Friday night with that special someone? Don’t you want to mix it up a bit? Here, in town, there are hidden jewels of the dating world that need to be uncovered.

Going out for ice cream is so old fashioned and tends to be very by the books. To shake things up take your boy or girl out to get frozen yogurt instead. Not only is frozen yogurt healthier, but it is also a creative experience. Make your own yummy masterpieces with different flavor yogurts and tons of toppings to pick and chose from. For a fun game, you and your date can make each other’s desert. You can’t go wrong.

Going out to dinner is nice, but can get expensive and boring if done too often. Try renting a classic movie and making dinner. You will have fun cooking and goofing off in the kitchen with your special someone, then relax and enjoy your food with a good flick.

Even if you are going with the old movie stand by, drive down to the “Swap Shop” on Lake Worth Road and see a drive in movie instead. Few people go to drive in movies anymore, and there is a pretty good chance your date hasn’t gone to one either. You can even pick up dinner to eat in the car while you’re there.

Boys, a romantic picnic at the park may seem cheesy and over done, but in reality girls love it and think it’s super sweet. Just make sure it’s a nice day out. If it rains, the food may get soggy, but the upside is you can dance in the rain.

Girls, guys love to be out doors. Being cooped up inside makes them antsy, so instead of going to another chick flick go to the zoo or get a group together to play a game of ball. These dates are cheap and inexpensive, but your guy will have a blast.

You don’t need to be at a loss for new date ideas when there are so many to choose from around town. Get creative with it. Sometimes the silliest, cheesiest ideas can be the most fun. So get out of the old, grimy theater seats and try something new.