Putting the “Thanks” in Thanksgiving


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Photo credit: Terah Kalk

Briana Erickson, Arts & Entertainment Editor



There’s nothing like the taste of a fresh turkey in November.


Or stuffing.


Or the “melt in your mouth” mashed potatoes.


Or the cranberry sauce.


Or the ravishingly decorated cornucopia placed on the table.


And, let’s not forget the pumpkin pie.


I could go on for hours delicately expressing my love for this traditional cuisine, but, for fear of causing many mouths to water in desire, I will refrain.  What I will say is that if a plethora of Thanksgiving – related food in one night isn’t enough to get a person  in the Ho-Ho-ho holiday spirit to come, that individual is about as  hopeless as Scrooge.


The feasting brings so much excitement to the faces of food lovers around the country that we may overlook the true meaning of Thanksgiving. Yes, Thanksgiving is for “Thanks” and “giving”. Literally. But, how many plebeians, me included, sit down to the multitude of food choices as an offering to the world and as an opportunity to give thanks? Sure, we’re all thankful for the nice plump and toned Turkey in the center of the table, but is that all?


Showing thanks on Thanksgiving can to be expressed in a myriad of other ways than a little prayer or public denouncing of the things one is grateful for. Thanksgiving could be expressed physically; in giving some of the luxuries and necessities one is thankful for to those that only dream to be blessed with half of what some people have.


Consider donating canned foods and money to the local homeless shelter for those that are hungry  in order to provide them with a pleasurable and hospitable Thanksgiving far away from home.


You may also volunteer and donate time dishing out the amazing meals. Because, seeing warm smiles and the look of thanks and praise on less fortunate’s faces can touch your little heart like a tear-jerking movie.


This Thanksgiving everyone should challenge his or herself  to show they are truly thankful by volunteering to take part in this life changing experience. Giving back and providing others things to be thankful for is the best way to prove how thankful one really is. And, the season for spreading cheer for all to hear is just right around the corner, as well.


But, for now, ‘tis the season to be thankful.


So, after we’ve finished serving others, and we’re finally ready to scootle our bootles to the dinner table on that lovely, ravenous night, a synonymous and familiar term for that evening that we all can appreciate is:


‘Tis the season to “stuff our face.”