FroYo–Not as Healthy as It’s Served Up to Be

Samantha Pescatore

Samantha Pescatore, Business Manager

Just the word frozen yogurt instantly puts the idea into one’s head that this delicious dessert is healthy. People assume that just because it’s “yogurt” that it’s good for them. Unfortunately, most frozen yogurts aren’t as healthy as they seem.

  “I think frozen yogurt is healthy sometimes. It really depends what toppings you  get and how much. Like if you get just half a cup of low fat vanilla (frozen yogurt) with fruit, and then it’s definitely healthy. I always get a full cup of chocolate (frozen yogurt) with lots of unhealthy toppings though, so it ends up not being that healthy,” said Morgan Hearns, junior.

   “I think Froyo (Froyolicious) is delicious and a great place for a date. It may not be healthy, but it beats ice cream,” said Austin Sweeney, junior.

    Though frozen yogurt contains less fat, milk, and calories, how much students consume is still an issue. One cup of regular frozen yogurt is 224 calories. Because of places like Froyolicious and other self-served yogurt places, it’s easy to over eat frozen yogurt in addition to the 50 plus toppings people have to choose from; hot fudge, sprinkles, gummy bears, cut up Reese’s, chocolate chips, M&Ms, cut up Twix, cookie dough, caramel and many more.

  “I normally just put strawberries on my Frozen yogurt, I like to keep it healthy,” said Caitlin Angelocci, junior.

“I put on hot fudge, chocolate sprinkles, and whip cream. But it really depends who’s buying. If I’m not buying, I’ll go all out on toppings, but if I am buying I get only what I absolutely need.” said Chris Mayne, junior.

  Serving sizes are becoming an issue; people get the misconception that because it’s healthy it’s okay to take large servings of it during one sitting.

  “Sadly, I normally get about 10 ounces of frozen yogurt,” said Austin Sweeney, junior.

   “And I get about 15-17 ounces of frozen yogurt,” adds Morgan Hearns, junior.

  Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. Watch out for serving sizes and what toppings are put on the yogurt. There are countless websites online to help consumers make sure they’re eating the right amount to keep frozen yogurt from becoming unhealthy. Just because it’s made of yogurt doesn’t make it good for a person.