What Goes On Behind the Scenes of a Pep Rally


Elizabeth Rigolo

Jessica Small, Sports Editor

“1, 2, 1-2 ready GO!” The Mighty Wolverine Sound kicks off every pep rally with an explosion of school spirit. The music cues the dancers, twirlers, and cheerleaders to start performing and the students to enter the gym.

On this year’s activity bell schedule, each pep rally is about 45 minutes long. The minutes roll along smoothly and every second is packed with excitement.

The dance, cheer, twirl, and step teams choreograph routines and reserve a time slot for each pep rally.

“The dance team prepares for pep rallies as early as the middle of summer. We learn a pom dance that we also use for competition. A former UCF dancer comes and teaches [our main routine] to us for a four day dance camp.” Gabrielle Lintz, junior, said.

The dance team practices three times a week throughout football season. The girls work on band dances and team routines at practices.

“[Before the pep rally] we also prepare by getting all dolled up with hair and makeup and usually run the dance a couple times before going on!” Lintz said.

A lot of preparation goes on behind the scenes of each pep rally.

“[Student Government Association] has a big discussion about what different activities we would like to host and everyone shares their ideas and we vote to see which ones we think will bring the most spirit!” Terah Kalk, junior, said.

SGA, run by Mrs. Varvarigos, spends class time organizing each pep rally. The students additionally organize the entire event on the actual day of the rally.

“On the day of the pep rally all of SGA spends 5th, 6th, and 7th period setting up the gym with decoration, getting the sound system ready, and other special props for events we have planned for the pep rally.” Kalk said.

Though it takes a lot of work, pep rallies always end up a success. WHS started off the fall sport season with a pep rally on September 2. The next one is scheduled for Senior Night.