Once a Wolverine, Always a Wolverine

Once a Wolverine, Always a Wolverine

Karina Rivero

Karina Rivero, Staff Writer

“Mr. Harrer. He made me really want to teach,” Wellington High School Alumni, Brian Bausch said. Mr. Harrer was his trigonometry teacher while he attended Wellington High; Mr. Bausch now teaches geometry.

Teachers usually have a favorite part of the job, and Mr. Bausch’s is “when the kid finally gets it.” That ‘light bulb’ moment makes teaching worthwhile for him.  The satisfaction of seeing a student learn something new makes teaching a marvelous job.

However, Mr. Bausch still knows that it is a job.

“It’s not easy. It’s always changing,” Mr. Bausch said. The books, curriculums, and calendars pose the most change. Other teachers in his department make time to help each other, most notably by creating worksheets and sharing them with fellow colleagues.

When Mr. Bausch realized he wanted to teach, he knew where he wanted to be. “I made it my goal to come back and teach at my high school,” he said. 

Mr. Bausch is truly aWellingtonman, born and raised. He is always running into parents that ask him about his mother who is also a teacher. “I still get parents that say, ‘Oh are you Mrs. Bausch’s son?’ I probably still will for, like, five more years.”

Mr. Bausch is also the volleyball coach at Wellington High.  His players love him, and he loves his players. Talking about his team brings out a smile every time.

Whether it is having learned about life and academics as a teenager, or now learning how to teach it all back to his students, Mr. Bausch will always be a student atWellingtonHigh School.