Dedicated Student Nurses Abandoned Dogs

Dedicated Student Nurses Abandoned Dogs

Briana Erickson

Briana Erickson, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Imprinted on the front is a simple paw print.

A jade green shirt that accompanies jeans and no-slip sneakers.

On the back is the motto she lives by: “My favorite breed is an adopted breed.”

An outfit that she has become accustomed to wearing five days a week.  And she wears it proudly as she performs the grueling duties that come along with the attire.  

After each day of cleaning kennels, feeding and walking dogs, and performing all the other physically draining tasks that have to be carried out around the barn, she comes home exhausted. “And I still have all my homework and studying to do from my AP and honors classes.”

Brittany Buxbaum, junior, has a job. Her job is to nurse sick dogs, and take care of abandoned puppies at the Big Dog Ranch Rescue in Wellington.

Buxbaum feels that in order stay on top of her game in balancing school and work, she has to manage her time wisely. “Which prepares me for the time management required in college, and helps limit my distractions. Because I know what I have to get done, and I do it.” Buxbaum said. She has some jobs to juggle: school, and homework, and studying, and work. And more work. With all that on her plate, the time she spends during the week must be spent constructively. Otherwise, she will fall behind and be overwhelmed with work.

And she doesn’t mind that. This is because she’s determined to not let that happen.

Her job to her means a lot. “It’s probably one of the best experiences ever,” Buxbaum said. She has the opportunity to witness and nurse some of the dogs that suffer from the aftermath of brutal attacks caused by their owners. As a result of this, she’s now a firm believer in the statement “Don’t shop, Adopt.”

“I see first-hand what these animals went through in their lives. They really do need a second chance at life,” Buxbaum said.

It’s emotional to see some of the cuts and the bruises, and the crying from all the animals that Buxbaum says she sees while working. However, she perseveres because it’s her passion, and she wants to eventually become a Veterinarian. She also loves the amazing feeling she gets when she takes care of each dog.

“This job also really helped me to focus on what kind of Vet I want to be.  Now I really want to work with the shelter dogs and become a veterinarian at a shelter,” Buxbaum said.

She hopes her work experience will one day give her edge when applying to the veterinarian schools.

This is why she works so hard, why she puts her heart into nursing and caring for all the animals at the Big Dog Ranch.

“Watching the dogs get adopted made all the hard work worth it,” Buxbaum says as she adjusts her plain jade green shirt. The shirt with just a “simple pawprint” on the top left corner, right above her heart.