Durant, Nets players symptom-free

Vito Giovanetti, Sports Editor

Four Nets’ players, including Kevin Durant, are symptom-free of the coronavirus. The Brooklyn Nets revealed some good news that was regarding the four players that were tested positive for the coronavirus and are now symptom-free from it. GM Sean Marks said that the team completed their 14-day home isolation after the team was tested that day.

The Brooklyn Nets’ most recent game was against the Los Angeles Lakers. After the Nets’ announced their test results, the Lakers indicated that their team will now be tested. The Lakers said that there were 2 players that tested positive for the coronavirus. The Lakers did their 14-day home isolation for those 2 players and they are now symptom-free from the virus.

Boston Celtics guard Marcus Smart was tested positive for the coronavirus. He spoke out on Monday saying that he has been cleared from the virus. Utah Jazz stars Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell, the first two players who were tested positive for the coronavirus in the league, were cleared of it as well.

The league has shared that the players are being fully recovered from the virus and is also saying to be safe and to take safety procedures.