2k holds charity tournament for Coronavirus relief


NBA 2K20

Xander Hernandez-Barrios, Staff Writer

2k and the NBA are teaming up to host a charity tournament on ESPN to raise Coronavirus relief, which is set to take place from April 3rd- April 11th, and NBA players will compete against each other for a chance to win $100,000 towards a charity of their choice. 

The NBA and 2k have teamed up to have a “2k Players Tournament” which is to be aired on ESPN. The winner of the tournament will receive $100,000 to a charity of their choice for the coronavirus relief. The tournament will take place over 10 days with the first round to be held on April 3. The quarter-finals will be held on April 7, and the semi-finals and final round will be held on April 11.

The first round and quarter-finals will be first elimination and semi-finals and finals are best out of 3. Star players like Kevin Durant, Trae Young, Donovan Mitchell, Andre Drummond, Hassan Whiteside, Devin Booker will be participating in the Tournament. 

The NBA season has obviously been postponed as of March due to the coronavirus pandemic. Many NBA players like Rudy Gobert, Donovan Mitchell, and Kevin Durant have already been diagnosed with the coronavirus, but are now thankfully healthy.

Since the postponement of the NBA season, many basketball and sports fans have been yearning for some type of alternative that did not involve real-life interaction. The 2k players’ tournament will hopefully be a good alternative of entertainment while the NBA resumes the season or starts a new one.