Lady Wolverines Weightlifting district loss breaks 2-year win streak


Elle Fields, Staff Writer

As of last Saturday, Jan. 25, the Lady Wolverines Weightlifting has had their 2-year winning streak broken as District Champions. 

Many girls will be moving on to the Regional Championships from Wellington high school. Kaylee Sunderlin from the 119 weight class made a 250 pound total putting her at 2nd place in her weight class at district championships. Olivia Dagnon and Julianna DiSalvo swept 1st and 2nd place at district championships from the 110 weight class. Jolie Skivington from the 139 weight class made a 255 pound total putting her at 1st place and district champion. 

This is only to list a few with at least 13 girls from the team moving up to the next level, regional championships. Wellington high school placed 2nd at the district championship, missing 1st place by just 2 points underneath Jupiter highschool.

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Elle Fields, 2019 Palm Beach Girls Weightlifter of the Year

Regional championships will be a fight for the Lady Wolverines but they are determined to do their best and place as high as possible in each weight class to gain points. 

Every girl on the team has been in the weight room and at practice as much as possible putting in the maximum amount of effort and work in preparation for this season.