Trae Young sets records



Xander Hernandez-Barrios, Staff Writer

On Saturday, Nov. 30, Trae Young of the Atlanta Hawks scored 37 points, which made him the second player in NBA history to record 2000 points and 800 assists in 100 career games. 

Trae Young joined Oscar Robertson for having 2000 points and 800 assists in their first 100 games.  Despite their 5-17 record, Trae Young has been performing very well so far in the season averaging almost 29 points a game, and 8 assists a game.  The second year player has already made his mark on the NBA, breaking several franchise and NBA records. Trae Young also has the most 30 point-10 assist games before the age of 22.

Throughout the 2018-2019 season, Trae Young has been continuously compared to Luka Doncic to see who would become Rookie of the Year. Luka Doncic proceeded to win the Rookie of the Year, but that didn’t stop Trae Young, who continued to play his best and broke several records in the next year.

Trae Young finally spoke his mind on the constant debate of himself and Luka Doncic being compared to each other. “It bothers me.” Young said. “It’s two totally different situations, two totally different players. He’s playing well, I’m playing well. Just let it be.”

Trae Young is continuing to surprise the world with his extraordinary ways of the game of basketball. If he continues to keep playing at this high level of intensity, only good things are to come for the rest of his career in the NBA.