WHS Boys Varsity Tennis Wins District Championship


Ian Leonard, Arts and Entertainment Editor

The Wellington High School Boys Varsity Tennis team won the District Championships on Monday, April 15th against long time rivals, Jupiter High School.

The game was won by only one point, making the final score 10-8 in the third set. The deciding game was played by Marcus Antonelli and Aaron Uter in an intense final match taking home the win.   

The Wolverine’s win is a major accomplishment for Wellington, being that this is the first district final WHS has won since Coach Joshua McElwain began, and being that Jupiter won districts last year.

“It felt great to win!” said Chase Cerejo, “I’ve never won districts as a team so it’s a big accomplishment.”

If you see any of the Boys Varsity Tennis players, please wish them congratulations on winning the District Championship!