WHS Varsity Cheer Head to States


Javier Sarache Jr, Multimedia Editor


Wellington High School’s Varsity cheer team qualified for states on February 1st. Competing and gaining experience, they represented the Wellington name keeping the streak and making it to states yet another year.

The state competition consists of routines of cheer, jumping, tumbling, and stunting, All scored separately out of a hundred by a panel of judges.

The Wave had the opportunity to ask senior Sam Acello what it means to be a WHS cheerleader:

“Being a Wellington cheerleader is more than standing on the sidelines at football games and doing backflips. It’s a commitment and team effort to push each other to try new things and improve every time you get on the mat.”

Junior Kelli Kleino told The Wave, “At that point of the season we’re all really bonded, we love staying at the hotel together, and we’re all just really excited to be there”.

Teammate Anna Glass added, “We were all really determined and motivated to win, in the end we came together. We care about each other a lot.”

The girls encourage the fact that it’s not easy, and that the pressure is relatively high just like any other sport. They all have the passion for the same thing which, in the end, brings them all closer as a group and allows them to perform at the competitive most exceptional level.