Richards Responds to Mullen’s Recruitment Attempts


Credit: Maylon Rodriguez

Javier Sarache Jr., Multimedia Editor

On Tuesday, January 29th University of Florida head coach, Dan Mullen, landed on the Wellington football field via helicopter to attempt recruiting running back Mark Anthony Richards.

Richards is a South Florida, Palm Beach Country lass 8A-6A offensive player of the year. He’s currently debating between attending Florida, Georgia, Miami, Auburn, and Penn State universities. He finished last season with 17 touchdowns and 3,634 total yards. 1276 of the total were rushing and the other 998 were receiving listing him as No. 90 player and No. 4 athlete in the 2019 class.

Florida is on the verge of possibly finishing in the Top 10 in the high school recruiting rankings. The staff is also trying to fill some immediate holes on the roster with prospects that can come and prove themselves at the highest level of college football.

The Wave had the opportunity to talk to Richards one on one, getting his take on the whole event.

“It was crazy, didn’t expect a helicopter coming to the school. It’s a crazy moment for me and I think it was a crazy moment for our school. It was honestly a great day.”