UCF Fans Show Support for Milton After Injury


Orlando Sentinel/Stephen M. Dowell

Shaelyn Drost, Managing Editor

University of Central Florida star quarterback Mckenzie Milton was brutally injured during the American championship, and his team’s response has drawn the nation’s attention.

After an unprecedented winning streak this season, UCF rose to the top eighth NCAA team position in the league, never occurring before in the university’s athletic history.

After leading his team through these 24 straight victories this season, Milton endured a helmet to the knee collision which bent his knee at an awkward angle, resulting in his rush to the Tampa General Hospital for emergency surgery to repair blood flow.

Through his career-threatening injury, his teammates, fellow UCF students, and alumni have rallied in support of Milton and his family. In reference to Milton’s Hawaiin heritage, the theme of “Ohana”, meaning family as well as a reference to Disney’s Lilo and Stitch, has been trending on all social media platforms. Global Enterprises President and UCF alumnus Sanjay Sam Srinivasan donated 40,000 Hawaiin leis to the spectators of the American Athletic Conference last weekend.

“I believed about giving back, giving back to the school that I love,” Srinivasan stated. “But more importantly, as a gesture, I wanted to get really involved and support UCF Athletics, and if I could do this, hopefully, I will inspire others to do this.”

The nerve in his knee is injured and the knee itself requires reconstructive surgery.
Still, the family says Milton is upbeat, and while he was unable to be on the field, he used FaceTime to help his team prepare for the AAC against Memphis.

He will undergo reconstructive surgery to repair his knee at a later date. University students and alumni remain confident that Milton will recover, continuing to blast social media with messages of #10hana.

UCF will play their last game of the season without Milton in the Fiesta Bowl against LSU.