LeeAnn Hewitt: Love at First Lift

LeeAnn Hewitt: Love at First Lift

Erin Bryant, Editor-in-Chief

Wellington High junior LeeAnn Hewitt is a world-class athlete with something to prove.

“LeeAnn is very dedicated, but also very easy-going. You can tell she’s having fun while she’s competing, but she knows when to focus,” her coach, Peter Callovi, said.

Recently, Hewitt competed in the Raw Nationals competition in Scranton, Pennsylvania. The event amassed 1147 lifters from quaint farm towns to towering metropolises.

Hewitt wowed competitors by squatting 529.1 pounds, benching 237 pounds, and deadlifting 468.5 pounds.

Her squat ranked fifth and her grand total of 1234.6 pounds ranked sixth on the Raw All Time Top 20 rankings, earning her a spot on the USA world team for powerlifting. As part of the team, she will compete in the 2016 IPF Classic World Powerlifting Championship in Killeen, Texas.

This sixteen-year-old is not just the strongest woman in Florida- she is also the strongest teen of all fifty states.

From a wide-eyed freshman, to a seasoned professional, LeeAnn Hewitt was in love at first lift. Hewitt started lifting when her leadership teacher, Peter Callovi, recruited her to the scholastic team.

“I only came to tryouts because I thought that if I did not go he would be upset and fail me,” Hewitt confessed.

Callovi and Arian Khamesi, Hewitt’s powerlifting coach, shaped her body and her mind.

“I prepare [for competitions] by getting mentally ready through mediation and prayer. Not to mention physically preparing all the equipment and supplies,” she explained.

Like other high school juniors, Hewitt has to balance a busy schedule bursting with tough classes, practices, and extra-curricular activities. However, Hewitt never fails to overcome obstacles.

“I just have this constant drive to succeed and to be the best that I can be,” Hewitt said.

Her optimism and spirit does not go unnoticed.

“LeeAnn motivates us to push our limits. She’s the heart of the team, and we’re so proud of her,” Rebecca Gonzalez, fellow teammate, said.

Hewitt’s goal is to become the strongest woman in the world. She will not rest until she holds that title.