Patriots Forfeit Winning Streak to Broncos

Patriots Forfeit Winning Streak to Broncos

Jazmin Alvarez, Arts and Entertainment Editor

The reigning Patriots, who maintained undefeated title for ten games in a row, were stripped of the honor by the Broncos on Sunday, November 29.  The final play ended with the Broncos breaking the tie in overtime with a touchdown, winning by a score 30-24.

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On average, the Patriots have defeated their opponents by 14 points. This one loss, however, seems to be more significant to the players and fans than the winnings.

At first, the Patriots started strong in the first quarter as Wide Receiver Ron Gronkowski made a 23-yard touchdown. However, this action led the Broncos to strengthen their defense only to be met with more losses as the safety and defensive lineman were carted off with injuries.

In the second quarter, Patriots fans’ excitement grew when Brady made a nine-yard pass to Tight End Scott Chandler in the end zone.  This feat helped the Patriots with a 14-0 lead. In spite of that, as snow began to cover the field, the Broncos tied the quarter score when Ronnie Hillman made a 19-yard touchdown.

The third quarter was uneventful as far as the score was concerned. The score board remained at 14-7, with the Patriots upholding the lead.

Seconds into the fourth quarter, Brady made a 63-yard pass to Brandon Bolden which further extended the lead of the Patriots to 21-7. However, the game had a significant turning point for the Broncos when C.J. Anderson made a 15-yard run changing the score to 21-14.

Brandon McManus later contributed to the score as he accomplished to make a 21-yard field goal which then transformed the score to 21-17. Jim Caldwell, with a minute and nine seconds to play, received a 4-yard from Brock Osweiler, advancing Broncos’s score by seven.

The Patriots powered ahead in full steam with Stephen Gostkowski scoring a 47-yard field goal on the last play of regulation, which caused the game to go into overtime.  Fans on both sides waited anxiously as the Patriots and Broncos tied at 24. They were soon met with the sight of Anderson executing a 48-yard run.

The defeat of the Patriots quickly followed pursuit and their streak was abolished.