The Boston Bruins Roster Changes


Taylor Green, Sports Editor

Recently, the Boston Bruins have made some major changes to their 2015-2016 roster. These modifications have not been popular with the fans.


After a less-than-exciting season last year, the Bruins owners decided it was time for an adjustment. They replaced General Manager Peter Chirarelli with Don Sweeney.


Under new management, the whole team is being revamped in hopes of having a more successful season and more cooperation.


Many of the older players, who have been members of the team for a while, are being traded away, even now, for rookies.


Fans speculate Sweeney’s goal is to strip the team down to only the players he absolutely can’t let get rid of, and build back up with new guys who will be starting out at the same time, with the hope that they will band together for a stronger team dynamic.


Not everyone agrees with and supports this theory. Many fans were outraged when Milan Lucic and Dougie Hamilton, two of the strongest and most popular players on the team, were traded.


The social media consensus seems to be that fans would have rather let the team captain, Zdeno Chara, go, due to his ever-advancing age. Last season, he was either injured or dragging on the ice for almost every game.


Another trade people would have preferred to see is that of Dennis Seidenburg, who waited until the preseason to have his back surgery for nerve damage.


That being said, there are key players who aren’t going anywhere, including Patrice Bergeron, Tuukka Rask, and David Krejci.


Furthermore, Sweeney did bring in some good players, ones who already have made a name for themselves on other teams, such as Zac Rinaldo. Rinaldo could be a valuable asset to the team.


When asked about his position on the new roster, Jeffrey Goldman, grade 11, said, “I trust they know what they are doing when it comes to the rebuilding of our team and I think we have a good future, but I’ll miss some of the older guys.”


This is a much more optimistic approach than most fans currently have. However, everyone who supports the Bruins hopes he’s right.