49ers Stars Involved in Rape Scandal


Erin Bryant, Editor-in-Chief

Trigger Warning: Piece contains details that may be upsetting to some. 

A grand jury has charged former San Francisco 49ers defensive lineman Ray McDonald on one count of rape of an intoxicated woman.

This is not the only miner who has been in trouble with the law. Current linebacker Ahmad Brooks was connected to the case. He is accused sexual battery for an assault the same day (December 15, 2014) involving the same victim.

The woman said she slipped and fell on a pool deck at McDonald’s house. Due to a head injury and her drunken state, she could not get up. McDonald first thought she was dead, but he did not attempt call for help. He explained this action by saying that he did not want a dead girl found on his property.

Brooks groped her while she was incapacitated before McDonald carried her upstairs to his bedroom where he assaulted her.

For his crime, McDonald can serve up to 8 years in prison while Brooks will serve a comparatively brief six months.

Many celebrities and sportsman have recently been entangled with rape charges, such as sitcom star Bill Cosby, boxer Mike Tyson, and basketball player Kobe Bryant. People who seemingly have it all far too often resort to crime for pleasure.

While the abuse is obvious, many people refuse to accept that one of their idols could do something so terrible. Celebrities are historically treated more leniently, be it by getting a free meal at a restaurant or a free pass in the court room.

In addition, society should not only pay attention to the issue when a famous person is involved.

“There are many other crimes like this every day, but the celebrities are the ones who run through every newspaper, magazine, and TV channel,” Michael Barnes, senior, said.

Moreover, both McDonald and Brooks should be charged fairly and serve appropriate sentences. McDonald has already been released by the 49ers in December after eight years of playing.