Inside the World of Trent Frazier, Basketball Legend

Inside the World of Trent Frazier, Basketball Legend

Elisa Morris, Staff Writer

The only sophomore on the varsity basketball team has received a lot of buzz. He’s the point guard and has helped carry Wellington’s varsity basketball team to its best season.

“I am proud to be the only sophomore on the team,” Trent Frazier, sophomore, said. He’s 6’2 and packs a lot of game.

He has brought Wellington High’s basketball team a long way, averaging 14 points per game, 7 assist, and 6 rebounds.

“It is a big accomplishment to receive this considering it is the very first state title Wellington has ever received,” Trent Frazier, said.

Basketball is a big part of Trent’s world.

“I’ve played since third grade,” Trent Frazier, sophomore, said.

Other than basketball Trent enjoys dancing, trying to sing, and running. Not only does he play for the Wolverines, but outside of school he plays on the Wellington Wave travel basketball team.

“It is just like playing for the school team. I play with a couple of the guys on the variety team,” Trent Frazier, sophomore, said.

From the varsity team Trent’s friend Alex Dieudonne plays on the travel team.

“He’s a great friend. Working with him is good, but also frustrating at times. Other than that he plays offense very well, but he could work on his defense,” Alex Dieudonne, junior, said.

His mentors have helped him get prepared for further future goals. To Trent his mentors are his parents, his coach, and trainer.

“I spend hours doing drills with my trainer. He’s helping me with big stages,” Trent Frazier, said.

After high school he wants to continue basketball. He strives to do more than just play it here at Wellington.

“I want to go all the way to the NBA. I definitely want a career out of it,” Trent Frazier, said.