Now Introducing Skylar Schoemig

Daryl Denton, Staff Editor

Skylar Schoemig, sophomore at Wellington High, can be described in many ways, but one of them is definitely not average. Skylar has no plans to go any where but the top. She currently participates in track and cross fit, but in the fall took part in bowling. And during the summer, beach volleyball and cross-country occupy her summer schedule.

This fall season Skylar tied, despite, she placed at least 2nd in all of her meets, and tied for 1st once. Not only did she dominate her seasonal meets in the 110-weight class, but she also qualified for districts. Sadly, she couldn’t compete due to a torn hip and shoulder.

“It hurt me physically to tear my hip, but it also put a blow on me emotionally. I worked so hard to get that far and it went to waste,” said Skylar.

Although Skylar missed a great opportunity at districts, she never lost sight of the things she accomplished before hand.

“I’m just glad I got to be a part of it all.”

Skylar doesn’t only bring athleticism to the table, but also works just as hard for her achievements in academics. She manages to carry a 4.0 GPA despite her sports career. Her straight A’s don’t come easy; her schedule includes rigorous courses like AICE and AP.

“The satisfaction of getting straight as at the end of each 9 weeks keeps me extremely motivated,” Skylar reveals the push behind her dedication,”It makes me feel good about myself.”

Not only does Skylar want to make her own life better, but she has the urge to change the lives of others as well. Being involved in Key Club gives her the opportunity to give back to the community.

“Giving back makes me realize how fortunate I am and teaches me to treasure the people surrounding me.”

By doing beach cleanups and volunteering in hospitals, Skylar finds herself more and more each day.

“I love helping the community and returning the favor to people that need more than I do.”

Skylar has been a vegetarian since age 5 and recently became a full time vegan. Her diet consists of nothing but organic foods that contain no animal products. She shows her love of nature and animals through beach cleanups with Key club every Saturday.

“I love the idea of beach cleanups because the beach is my favorite place and I love protecting endangered animals. It seems like there is always additional room on Skylar’s hectic schedule. If there is she definitely found it. Along with the sports and clubs, Skylar is also a valuable name in the Wellington High DECA program.

“DECA is a huge part of my life, I’ve learned how to be a leader and step up to the task.” After making it to states for Entrepreneurship Innovation Plan, Skylar was announced Community Service Coordinator.

“The experience I get from DECA has made me a better communicator when getting things done the way I want.”

To top off all her involvements in school, Skyler takes part in National Honor Society and American Sign Language Society. These organizations are a way for Skylar to influence the students around her and to build up her experience in the community.

Most people don’t understand why Skylar enjoys pushing aside her sleeping time to meet her community needs.

“I do what I do because I enjoy being involved and it keeps me busy, stressed but busy.”

Skylar’s involvement gives her the self-fulfillment of succeeding and exceeding the limits. Change comes with action. With a humble attitude, Skylar hopes to make that change.