Wellington beats Spanish River in final seconds

On Thursday, February 12th, at Wellington High School the Wolverines faced off against the Spanish River Sharks. The Wolverines are coming off of a district title and looking to move on in the 1st round of the regional playoffs. The Wolverines have had a great season so far and don’t want to stop anytime soon.


“I think we play well as a cohesive unit, and want to keep improving and devolving into a great team,” Varsity head coach Matt Colin, said.


During the first quarter there weren’t too many people at the game, and Spanish River outnumbered Wellington fans. Both teams started out slow and struggled on offense. Both teams were going back and forth up the court and were missing every shot. The final score of the first quarter ended with the Wolverines up 8-4.


During the second quarter it was mostly a repeat of the first, very little offense. The crowd was calm and collected at this point of the game. Trent Frazier, who is the Wolverines starting point guard, made an incredible crossover move and drove into the basket for an easy two points. This play brought life into the home crowd, and then the teams started to heat up.


Nick Brown came into the game for a struggling Aaron Kwiatek, and Brown made an immediate impact on the game. He grabbed every rebound that came his way, and gave the offense an opportunity to score second chance baskets. Nick also got two put back layups in the second quarter. The first half ended 16-16.


When the 3rd quarter started, the teams finally started to pick up the pace on offense. The teams were making shots, and Alex Dieudonne was a key piece in the offense for the Wolverines. He struggled shooting the ball outside, but found holes in the defense by driving to the basket. Sage Chen-Young was a silent star in the third quarter, playing incredible defense and making key passes to help the offense. The 3rd quarter ended 30-28, the Wolverines once again had the edge.


The 4th quarter of this game was one for the ages. Was Wellington was ready to get revenge on Spanish River for last year’s game, or was Spanish River ready to continue their success and move on into the next round? Fans of both teams cheered as loud they could, chanting DEFENSE and trash talk could be heard in the bleachers. Early quarter was a case of going back and forth again, but there were three minutes left in the game things took a turn.


The Sharks went on a run scoring basket, after basket, and taking a three-point lead with 2:30 left to go. Trent Frazier made a quick layup to cut the lead to 1 with 2:15 to go in the game. The Sharks called a timeout and came back on the court as calm as ever. They scored a basket to regain a three-point lead. Wellington had the ball and they kept fighting and playing hard. The Wolverines went to a play that teams have seen often this season, the ally oop. Trent Frazier threw an ally oop from the three-point line to Alex Dieudonne with 1:30 reaming in the game. This brought energy to the Wellington team and every fan watching the game. Then the Wolverines got a steal and Alex Dieudonne made an and 1 layup to get the lead with 42 seconds left.


The Sharks had the ball and took a shot with 30 seconds left on the clock and missed. Wellington got the rebound and began to hold the ball. The Sharks intentionally fouled Sage Chen-Young. Sage put the team on his back. Sage is a sophomore at Wellington and back up point guard to Trent Frazier. Sage hit two free throws to go up by three with 22 seconds left to go.


The Sharks went back up the court and got fouled. They hit the free throw and were down by two with 16 seconds left. The Sharks then stole the ball and had one more shot. They drove to the basket and took a layup, and missed. The Sharks got the offensive rebound, and fired up a mid range jumper at the buzzer and missed, again. Wellington had completed their comeback and gotten revenge on Spanish River.


Sage Chen-Young was the silent hero for the Wolverines. “I knew I had to make the free-throws and once I made the first one I wasn’t nervous for the second,” Sage Chen-Young, sophomore said.

The Wolverines look to continue their road to Lakeland now playing in the Finals on Thursday February 26 at the Lakeland center.