Soccer Team Regional Semifinals

Soccer Team Regional Semifinals

Adrianna Castro, Staff Writer

The cold weather couldn’t cool the Wellington Wolverine Woman’s Soccer Team, as they came out on fire.
Fans overflowed the stands, and added great intensity to the mood of the game.

With every cheer, clap, and shout of encouragement, the Wolverines fought till the end to finish with a 5-2 win against Boca Raton Tuesday in a Class 5A regional semifinal.

Although the first 15 minutes of the game started a bit slow, with neither team conceding a goal, the Wolverines did not stop trying.

The whistle blew, and the second quarter was underway. The Wolverines strung together some beautiful passes resulting in a incredible shot right in the net; resulting in the first goal of the game, scored by Sophomore Megan Cebellero.

The fans went wild, giving off vibrant energy. The Wolverines were on the prowl for more goals!

The opposing team Boca Raton did not let their foot off the gas.

Beating one of Wellington’s defenders, Boca Raton took a shot that left everyone on the edge of their seat. Flying in mid-air, Jessica Hole made a save that could have put Wellington in the danger zone.

Moments later, Samantha Grebinar changed the score to 2-0.

With hard work and heart, goals came rolling in for the Wellington Wolverines.

The first half ended with a 4-0 lead by Wellington. Goals scored by freshman Samantha Jenkins, and freshman Lauryn Auger.

Starting the second half with the piercing whistle from the referee, Boca came out full force leaving Wellington on their toes.

Within minutes of the opening of the second half, a goal was scored by Boca Raton. Wellington did not give up. The stadium roared, and chants vibrated the field.

Many shots were taken against Wellington, but it was no challenge for goalkeeper Jessica Hole. Wellingtons defense held their ground and became a brick wall, with the mindset of not allowing anything past them.

In the 54th minute, a foul was acted on Riley Nicholson. She shook it off, and placed her long free kick right in the net, giving Wellington a 5-1 lead in the 55th minute.

The game was in the Woman’s Wolverine hands. With 9 minutes remaining in the game, Boca managed to score one final goal, closing the score at 5-2.

Another win for Wellington goes into the books, sending them to the Regional Finals. Wellington Woman’s Soccer hasn’t made it this far since 2009.

Koz exclaimed that he is very proud of how far the team has come.

The Woman’s Soccer team asks that everyone come out to support them as they take on Jupiter in the Regional Finals Friday January 30th at 7pm at Wellington High School.
The Legacy continues!