Wellington Wolverines Football Bracket

The Wellington Wolverines are in the State Playoffs for football! The next game is the Regional Final. Here is the bracket for who the Wolverines will face on their path to a state title.

8A FHSAA Playoff Bracket.

11/28/14 Wellington (ranked 71st in the state and 1202nd in the country) will play Flanagan High School (Ranked 9th in the state of Florida, and 151st in the country).

If the Wolverines advance past Flanagan, they will go on to the State Semifinals, where they will play on 12/5/14.

Wellington will play the winner of the Columbus and Killian matchup.
Columbus is ranked 19th in the state, and 294th in the country.
Killian is ranked 27th in the state, and 433rd in the country.

If Wellington can advance to the State Finals, they will play one of four teams, which will take place on 12/13/14.

The Wolverines will play either:
Manatee High School (ranked 28th in the state, and 452nd in the country.)
Dr. Phillips High School (ranked 14th in the state, and 248th in the country.)
First Coast High School (ranked 5th in the state, and 62nd in the country.)
Apopka High School (ranked 22nd in the state, and 324th in the country.)

Wellington would greatly appreciate your support if you can make any of these away games (locations can be found at school). Best of luck to the Wolverines!!