Lady Wolverines of the Volleyball Team Take Home Another Win on Senior Night


Daryl Denton, Staff Writer

The Lady Wolverines of the varsity volleyball team went home happy with a win last night against the Royal Palm Wildcats. In addition to the win, although it was emotional, a magical night for seniors took place as this was their last regular season home game.
Their “Loud crowd” supporters shared the 3 consecutive wins of 25-10, 26-17, and 25-23. The volleyball teams “Loud crowd” are the fans that attend each game to cheer the girls to victory.
When asked why they do what they do, “Loud crowd” member Mallory Masta, junior, said, “We appreciate all the hard work they do, and the team carries such a good sense of Wolverine pride.”
Just like everyone else, the “Loud crowd” hopes to carry the girls all the way to states.
“We will travel wherever they need us to go and cheer as much as we can,” Julia Korzeniowski, junior said. “They prove their dedication to the team so we prove ours back to them.”


“States is a huge goal that we really want to accomplish this year.” Captain Rebecca Martinez, junior, said.


Captain Bailey Williams, junior, said “We need to focus on one game at a time and put everything we have worked on into every single game.”
Seniors Courtney Klotz, Morgan Sullivan, Victoria Murz, and Deanna Mirra left the court last night with some mixed emotions.


“I’m definitely going to miss my teammates the most. I’ve been playing with some of these girls for so long,” Courtney Klotz, senior, said.


The seniors brought their top game last night against the Wildcats. A combination of Courtney Klotz’s spiking, Morgan Sullivan’s serving, Victoria Murz’s blocking, and Deanna Mirra’s out of bounds saving, lead the girls to the win.


“Hitting that winning spike makes everything; all the training [was] worth it,” Courntey Klotz, Senior said.
The Wolverines aren’t the only ones proud of Courtney. Her mom, Shannon Klotz, said, “The difference between freshman year and senior year is day and night. She has worked hard and it really shows through her game.”


“When the spike hits the floor and the scoreboard changes it makes everything I’ve done for the game so worth it; I feel so powerful.” Courtney Klotz, senior, commented on her emotions after the game.”But, besides the actually sport, it’s made me a better person throughout life. I’ve become stronger mentally and I’ve learned how to work with others to accomplish things.”


Good luck to the Lady Wolverines as they take on Glades Central for their next game. Till then, Wellington High wishes the best to the players and all that is to come in the future for this team.