Draft vs. College


Jake Cutaia, Staff Writer

Top college athletes apply for the draft each year. The question “is why apply so early?” For College Football underclassmen, if they are talented enough, they can be drafted in the first round and make close to five million dollars per year. Some players regret going into the draft so early.

Shabazz Napier is a point guard who plays plays for UCONN. He just won his second national championship and is entering the NBA draft. He finished college and got his degree in Sociology finishing in the top 25 percent of his class. Shabazz is the definition of a student athlete. On the court he plays great, and off the court he shines academically.

Why wait for the draft? College Athletes get injured left and right, and some even have to stop playing the sport they play. Some players are not devoted enough to play in a professional league. The NBA now has a rule that states you have to go to college for at least one year. Kobe Bryant and Lebron James, both future Hall of Famers, skipped college and went right to the NBA.

The NFL now has rule that you need to be in college for at least two years before entering the draft. Johnny Manziel, now a member of the Cleveland Browns, only stayed in college for two years. He was the 22nd pick in this years NFL draft. Some people say he should have gone higher.

“I think Johnny Manziel can make a big impact in the NFL right away with his ability to scramble and make plays,” Anthony Santarpia, freshman said.

Johnny Manziel maybe could have gone higher. Most NFL scouts said that he wasn’t ready to enter the draft yet, that he needed to work on a lot of things before playing in the NFL. Manziel is small and some people think that he can get hurt. If he does get injured and can’t play football anymore he doesn’t have anything to follow back on.

Blake Bortles from UCF was the 3rd pick in the draft and Jacksonville was lucky enough to draft him. He was a junior in college, but could have played one more year in college.

Todd Marinovich was the 22nd pick in the 1991 NFL draft. He was drafted to the Oakland Raiders and got a 3 year 2.25 million dollar deal. Marinovich had a bad drug problem and fell apart. Some players even say he showed up to some games drunk.

All athletes want to make millions, win championships and the MVP. None of them seem top want to wait, but who can blame them? Maybe athletes that leave college early will be the next Carmelo Anthony or Cam Newton. Maybe the next Greg Oden or Kwame Brown. Only time will tell. “You have to be patient with athletes and give them time to progress into superstars”, Clay Gibbs, freshman said.

USC’s football program lost five underclassmen. Only two were drafted — receiver Marqise Lee and center Marcus Martin. USC also lost safety Dion Bailey, defensive lineman George Uko and talented tight end Xavier Grimble. Once you enter the NFL or NBA draft you are not eligible to return to college.

The NBA is planning to add a new rule that says you have to be two years out of college before entering the draft. Most people agree that this is in the best interest of the players. But all that really matters to professional teams is that there will always be players to draft.