Road to Victory

Cassidy Flechaus, Multimedia Editor

Tues. Apr. 16, the Wellington High School Women’s varsity lacrosse team took on Palm Beach Central in the district play offs. The game was played at Park Vista High School, last year’s district champions. The final score was 20-4 with the Lady Wolverines beating the Lady Broncos.
Wellington played a fierce game with every pass and catch on point. Head Coach, Mike Klyotskin, stated how proud he was of his team’s play and that their next goal was to defeat Park Vista. Last night’s game showed promise for Summer Ryder, freshmen. Ryder scored her first ever hat trick, a move that scores three points.
“We have been practicing all season for District Championships, Park Vista should be scared.” Captain, Kathleen Gerrits, said.
Wellington has beat Palm Beach Central in all three games played in which they over the past two seasons. Wellington will advance to District Championships this Thursday at 7pm at Park Vista High School. The Lady Wolverines will be facing Park Vista High School. Wellington hasn’t beat Park Vista since the District Championships in 2011-2012.
“I can’t wait to run on the field when the clock hits 0:00, I know we will win,” Hannah Smith, junior, said.