The Heat is on for a Three-peat

The Heat is on for a Three-peat

Tyler Alexander, Sports Editor

The Miami Heat are trying to accomplish something that nobody has done since the 2000-02 Los Angeles Lakers. Three-peat. Or as it’s commonly referred to as in South Florida, Heat-peat. Only five times in NBA history have a team ever won three consecutive titles, with the most recent being the aforementioned Lakers. However, the star studded Heat don’t appear to be in very good shape to join the elite teams to three-peat.

The Heat are on a very tough slide, losing seven out of their last eleven games, a historic streak for such a talented team. The same team that won 27 straight games last year. The same team that has won two consecutive NBA titles. That same team, has won 36% of its games over this stretch. It’s filled with excuses as to why.

“It’s too many excuses; everything is an excuse,” Heat leadman LeBron James said to reporters after the loss Saturday in New Orleans. “We do something wrong, it’s an excuse. We don’t get a stop, it’s an excuse. We turn the ball over, it’s an excuse. What we’re doing right now ain’t good enough.”

Miami heat fans are growing concerned with the Heat play of late.

“It’s true that going 4/11 isn’t good enough. However, when you watch the Heat every year they always seem to have this kind of stretch. Every time they get on some miraculous run and reach the Championship game. I don’t think this year will be any different. I have confidence that they can turn this around.” Nestor Abad, junior, said.

Despite what fans may think of the Heat, the players in the locker room are not pleased. Chris Bosh, spoke his mind after a 10 point loss to the lottery-bound Pelicans.

“We just show up and do whatever. [After] a loss, nobody’s upset. [After] a win, nobody’s happy. There’s no passion. There’s nothing. If you’re frustrated, say you’re frustrated. Give reasons for that. We just need some dialogue around here. We’ve been keeping things in for a whole season now. And we’re running out of time. We need to let it out and have some urgency. We suck. And if we don’t play better, we’ll be watching the championship at home,” Bosh said.

There are fourteen games remaining this season, and the Heat are three games back of the number one seed in the east. Despite what is being said around the country, the Heat is on for Miami to start winning.