WHS Team Traditions

Alex Bonadies, Staff Writer

Many sports teams at WHS have great traditions that they carry out every year.  From team breakfasts, to picnics, almost every team takes part in these traditions.

The Women’s Varsity Soccer team is very family oriented, according to the team.  The team goes by the motto “We Are One,” which means that the team as a whole is one unit and they win and lose as a family.

“’We Are One’ has been the motto for this team since before we won states in 2008.  As a captain, I plan on carrying out this tradition to both our current and upcoming players,” Raylynn Malec, senior, said.

The girls’ team also has traditions off the field as well.  In the mornings before every game, they have a team breakfast and tags are made for each member to wear throughout the day.

“Being only a freshman on the team, I already feel like I have another family.  We meet for breakfast and that really unites us all together,” Sam Grebinar, freshman, said.

Seasonal traditions for team bonding are also relevant with the team.  On Halloween, the team carved pumpkins with their stretching partners; on Christmas, they all participate in a “Secret Santa” gift exchange.

“Even though we always work well together, the holiday season seems to bring us even closer,” Lexi Barletta, junior, said.

The Women’s Soccer team isn’t the only team at WHS that carries out traditions.  The Wrestling team is also very well bonded.  The wrestlers call themselves “one big family with hearts of wrestlers.”  “Our families are all really close; they all get together at every match and consist majorly of our fan base. They cheer us all on as if we were their own,” Colton Macfarlane, sophomore, said.

Before every match, the team gets the wrestler who’s up next to wrestle in a circle and the rest of the team surrounds him.  Everyone puts a hand on his head and chants his name.

“It gives him confidence and shows that we are all there to support him and watch him win,” Briar Macfarlane, senior said.

An annual picnic is held in October before each season.  The picnic is always at Pierson Park, where both the teammates and their families can hang out and have fun with each other.  The team refuses to “haze” their freshman.

“I believe we don’t haze our freshman because the practices are already as hard as it is,” Nik Bonadies, senior, said.

Before season begins, each wrestler writes down his weaknesses and strengths as goals to defeat and accomplish throughout the season.  Each wrestler helps his fellow teammates accomplish their goals both on and off the mat.

Both the Women’s Varsity Soccer team and the Wrestling team have team traditions that they both carry on throughout the year and for upcoming years.  Each team wants to leave a legacy and for upcoming teammates to have as much fun as they have.