Bowling Team Keeps Balls Out of the Gutter

Cassidy Flechaus, Staff Writer

From the French fries to the funky names, Wellington High Schools varsity bowling team knows how to bowl and have a great time. The team competes in bowling events with other schools in our district every Tuesday and Thursday at Greenacres bowling rink and Verdes bowling rink.

“I just made a rule that we are going to have fun first, eat fries second and whatever comes after that” Coach Mounts, Head coach, said.

Coach Mounts, head coach, just wants his kids to have fun and enjoy themselves. For a game time snack, coach Mounts buys the Wellington Bowlers and all the other bowling teams French fries! “The French fries are awesome and tasty, they are my favorite thing,” Hannah Smith, junior, said. Daniela Torres-Malaga, the bowling teams personal water girls aids Coach Mounts in passing out the French fries.

Coach mounts not only buys French fries for the team, but he also has assigned everyone nicknames. Some of the nick names he assigned are hammering Hannah and Krista strike zone Swift.  “The nicknames are fun to yell out, the other schools think we are funny,” Hannah smith, junior, said.

“We had fun last year, but we had even more fun this year, this year we were even more competitive and made it into the county championship,” Coach Mounts said.

Captains Jonathan Aquilar and Mecenzie Sellers are the top ranked players on the team. This year they led their teams to the district finals and County championships. The girls’ team ended up ranking 4th in the district; “We did great this year and we enjoyed every single game,” Krista Swift, Junior, said.  The boys team ranked 7th in the district

Coach Mounts expects an even better turn out next year! “I am hoping we end up with 300 bowlers next year,” Coach Mounts, said.  Both boys and girls come to the match with a desire to do better than the last time. “They got better every game,” Coach Mounts praised. The bowlers encourage each other to do better and to not get down when they do badly. If bowling is right up your alley, then join the WHS bowling team!