Wolverines Eat Gator

Wolverines Eat Gator

Travis Cheek

Travis Cheek, Staff Writer

On Wednesday, October 23 many spectators gathered in the Wolverine’s Den to witness the downfall of the Palm Beach Gators women’s volleyball team. The Wellington Lady-Wolverines entered the district playoffs against the Gators with a 25-0 regular season record.

The Wolverines showed their game time intensity with a fierce practice. Wellington certainly showed the Gators their willingness to win with their hard spikes and enthusiastic huddle. By the first timeout of game, the Wolverines were leading 17-10. Wellington breezed through the first set, more than doubling the Gators score, 25-12.

The second timeout left the scoreboard at 15-7 in the second set. Shockingly, in the middle of the set, an outside hitter for the Gators got injured in an attempt to save the ball from going out of bounds. In the act, the player slammed her head into the bleachers. For a moment, the rivalry between the two teams was withheld. Fortunately, her injury wasn’t too serious, nothing an ice pack couldn’t fix, and the game continued. By the end of the second set the Palm Beach had one more point than they did the previous set.

Going into the third set, Wellington hit crunch time. The Wolverines put their full effort into finishing the game strong, while the Gators were in low spirits due to the loss of their player. By the third timeout Wellington was leading Palm Beach, 12-4. The Gators needed to come up with a plan if they had any chance of winning. At the fourth timeout, the final break, the Wolverines were in control 22-10. The Lady-Wolverines held their lead to end the game 25-11.