Beloved Referee Remembered

 Beloved Referee Remembered

the Lohmann family

Cassidy Flechaus, Staff Writer

Jerry Lohmann, a beloved umpire and referee, collapsed on the sidelines of the Olympic heights and Wellington High School football game in Boca Raton, later passing away at the hospital from a heart attack. Lohmann, 73, had a huge impact on the community for over 30 years.

“He prided himself in trying to keep up with the players,” Brian Lohmann, Jerry Lohmanns son, told WPBF news. Brian Lohmann talked about the impact sports have had on the Lohmann family, “It’s just part of who we are.”

Hundreds packed the Glades Day gymnasium to pay their respects. Grandson, Jacq Hundley opened the ceremony with a guitar solo of “Amazing Grace” and “How Great Art Thou.”

Along with those sending their love and prayers to the Lohmann family was Coach Able of the WHS football team.“It’s hard, he refereed a bunch of our games, and he was a great guy,” Coach Able said.

Lohmann was part of South Florida’s football and baseball community for decades, his love for the game and the love he got in return showed when hundreds came and packed the gym to say good-bye. Dozens of officials came dressed in uniform.

“God bless him,” Carlos Carles, Lohmann’s friend and fellow official, told WPBF, “God, you got a good one up there. Take care of him. I’m sure he’ll be taking care of you.”

Friends and Family had nothing but wonderful things to say about Lohmann. Jacq Hundley, looked up to his grandfather. “He was a contribution to everyone, he was always trying to help everyone, no matter what age. He was a guy to learn a lot from, he was truthful, helpful, caring, and always true to his word.”

His love for sports was apparent, he never wanted to stop. Although he was 73, Lohmann was in better shape than most players. Jerry Lohmann would ride his bike 20 miles every Sunday along with Wayne, his best friend for over 40 years.

Jacq Hundley recalled a time, a few years back, when he and his grandfather went on a four mile run.

“He wasn’t even breathing heavily, his grandson said.”

Angee Lohmann, Jerry Lohmann’s daughter-in-law, spoke of how she felt her father-in-law would be remembered.

“Every time they turn on the Friday night lights, sing the ‘Star Spangled Banner’ and the officials take the field for the coin toss to start the big game, we will all think of you,” she said while holding back tears.

Lohmann had an impact on and off the field, from refereeing children at WCFL and Bell Glade to refereeing their high school’s football games. He watched children grow from the pee-wee league to the hardcore high school league. Not only did Lohmann help the kids, he helped their parents; Lohmann was a certified personal accountant.

Jerry Lohmann was a universal man, he coached, he was a certified public accountant, a volunteer sheriff, and an unforgettable referee.  Jerry Lohmann will be dearly missed in the baseball, football and western community.