Track Regional’s Athlete Profiles


Samantha Pescatore, Public Relations Manager

>p>photo of girl Simone Williams- (Shot Put and Discus) “I throw because I wanted to get good at something and possibly get a scholarship for it. I enjoy meeting new people through track and I’ve made a lot of friends. Also, I hope to beat the girls school records for Shot Put and Discus!”

photo of 4 girls Simone Pierce, Alex Bonadies, Catie Hessler, and Maddie Beaubien(Not Featured)- (Girls 4 x 800 Relay) Simone- “I love my team and I love practicing. Our relay did really well at regionals and we broke the school record!” Alex- “My favorite memory from Track is talking about Coach Robinson’s calves and how big they are. (All girls in the relay laugh remembering that talk) Our coach (Robinson) is stern but hardworking and always pushes us towards our highest potential. I run because I love it and it’s something good to do.”

Catie- “To make it to states is my number one goal for next season. I like to run because there’s always room for improvement and to get new personal records.”

Maddie- (This student was not featured due to untimely circumstances for being able to interview her. But her teammates all agreed that she is the star of this relay team and she proceeded to States this season for other events.)

DSCN0696 Alene Pohly- (100 hurdles, 300 hurdles, triple jump, and the 4 X 400 relay) “I hope to defiantly make it to States next year, break all of my personal best times, and break the school records for the girls’ hurdles. I like the excitement I feel before a race and the amazing friends I’ve made through track!”

DSCN0695 Cami Heath- (Pole Vault) “I do this event because it’s fun and I like all the people who do it with me. I made it to states this year and my main goal was to not finish last. I like Track because it’s a great way to stay active and the people you meet through it are really great.”

DSCN0694 Morgan Campbell- (Long Jump and Triple Jump) “Track means a lot to me. To be honest I hate running, I hate it (laughs) but I found out there’s more to track then just running. There’s the field events which I found out I’m really good at because I have strong legs from gymnastics and I realized I could get serious about this and hopefully pursue these events at the next level. (College level)” (Morgan made it to states and placed in all of her events, Congratulations Morgan!)

Amber Radcliff- (Pole vaulting) Amber was not available for interview, but she has worked extremely hard at pole vaulting for most of high school and she loves track and all of her teammates!

DSCN0699 Scott Pescatore- (Discus and Shot Put) “I like my event because I like to see how far I can throw. The fact that I’m one of the younger, smaller kids throwing but can still compete with the older bigger kids is pretty cool. The competition is friendly on the field, everyone gets along and it’s really fun. Track has taught me that hard work and dedication does pay off. My biggest motivator is my dad; he’s taught me a lot about my events and is always pushing me to do better.”

DSCN0691 Boys 4×400 Relay:

Julio Hoilett- “I run because I’m good at it and I enjoy it. I hope to run in college and my favorite part about running is having the lead and winning.”

Aldrick Jones- “My favorite part of track is winning. When I win it’s like having all the pressure off my shoulders. Coach Robinson is cool, he’s a cool dude; he’s laid back and most swift.”

Darley Cazeau-“My favorite part about track is hawking somebody down (running somebody down). When I win it feels really good, like I just conquered the world.”

Da’Quan Andrews- “My favorite part about track is when I take the lead and pass somebody. I hope to run in college. When I beat out the other runners I’m just like damn I did it.

DSCN0693 Boys 4×400 relay:

Julion Hoilett- “It fun running with these guys. When I come to run, I run. That’s just it you can’t beat me.”

Alan Fabias- “My favorite part about track is the people I’ve met. When I win it feels really good, I’m proud of myself. Running helps me get stronger. Track taught me to be the best at what I do.”

Da’Quan Andrews- “Running with these guys feels good, we all work (well) together. We get along for the most part. (Each boy said they were the strongest runner when asked who carried the team)

Aaron Davis- (Not Featured)

Dannick Duffus- (Not featured but made it to States this year, Congratulations Dannick!)