NFL Free Agent Frenzy 2013

Tyler Alexander, Sports Editor

With over half of the initial 85 top NFL free agents signed, teams and players are in a frenzy to finish out free agency with a bang. There are still some big name free agents on the market, such as Nnamdi Asomugha, Ed Reed, and James Harrison.

The most sought after free agent this year had to be the speedy wide receiver Mike Wallace, who was reeled in by the Dolphins towards the start of free agency. With their big catch, Miami also did take a huge shot to their offensive line, losing former number one overall pick Jake Long to the Rams. The four time pro bowler signed a four-year, $36 million deal with St. Louis on March 17th.

The defending Super Bowl Champion Ravens have seemingly been taking significant blows all offseason. Baltimore did sign their main man, Joe Flacco, to a monumental deal, wrapping up the future of their franchise. That, however, doesn’t make the losses of other key players any less significant. The Ravens have already lost Anquan Boldin, Ray Lewis, Paul Kruger, and Dannell Ellerbe so far, and aren’t likely to resign Ed Reed or Bryant McKinnie.

One of the more surprising deals made thus far this offseason has been Wes Welker leaving New England for Denver. Welker has been a critical component of New England’s potent offense since he arrived in 2007, so to see Tom Brady’s favorite target leave so easily came to a surprise to most. However, they are still the Patriots, which typically means being at least three moves ahead of the rest of the league, and shortly after the departure of Welker, the Pats signed slot receiver Danny Amendola to a five-year deal.

“Welker leaving — no one wanted it,” Patriots owner Robert Kraft said. “Everyone in the Patriots wanted him to be with us. He’s just so unique and so special. We wish him well, except when he plays us. I guess we’ll have pretty good ratings in that game.”

The talk of the NFL free agency recently isn’t even a signing, but a lack there of. Elvis Dumervil of the Denver Broncos was prepared to take a pay cut from $12 million, to $8 million. However, a 4:00ET deadline got in their way. Dumervil’s agent claimed that they didn’t receive the revised contract until 3:42, and they then revised it and sent it back at 3:55. Denver coincidentally didn’t receive the fax 4:07, seven minutes after the deadline, and was forced to cut Dumervil. Amis this whole faxing machine snafu, a real question does arise. Who uses a faxing machine anymore? Nonetheless, Dumervil is looking for a place to land in free agency, with the Broncos still remaining a legitimate offer. In the meantime, Denver, Elvis has left the building.

With so many free agent headlines it will only get better as the remaining members of the 2013 free agent class continue to sign. With big names still out there and organizations desperately trying to improve their rosters, old faces in new places will certainly be a theme for the upcoming season. If the NFL continues headlines like these, the long awaited 2013-14 season surely won’t disappoint.