Shut Up and Lift

Savana Freyman, Writer

When you think of sweaty gym clothes, calloused hands, benching, clean and jerks, and squats you generally don’t think of feminine girls. However, At Wellington High an exclusive team of 20 girls make up Wellington high schools 2012-2013 girls weightlifting team.
“I think a common misconception about girls weightlifting is that we are manly or look like men; I’d say our team is pretty good looking. I enjoy this team because I like being surrounded by people who enjoy the same thing as me,” Gabriela Narvaja, senior, said.
This year, the team looks forward to the four regular season meets, as well as, Conference, District, and State Championship Meets. Like many sports teams, prepping for a meet requires music to get pumped.
“We listen to rap, heavy metal, and well…Of course some Taylor Swift at practice and before meets,” Jordan Korzanowski, Junior, said.
Many wonder why do girls want to weight lift? Is it because they are training for another sport, or is there some other unknown motive?
“I do weightlifting because my friends told me about it, and it turned out to be a lot of fun. It gets you into great shape too,” Kelly Simone, Junior, said.
If you look into any practice, you will see that it’s pretty serious, but there is still lots of laughs and joking around.
“I joined weightlifting because it’s one of the only sports that my huge muscles are perfect for. Practices have become more serious and they definitely have an effect on you. Our slogan, “Shut up and Lift”, came from Coach Callovi always yelling at us girls to stop talking and actually start lifting. We are girls what did he expect?” Courtney Knoblauch, Junior, said.
Overall, Wellington’s girls weightlifting is a fun and dynamic sport that more girls should come out and participate in.