Varsity Basketball Season Recap


Lauren Alsina

Ashley Machin, Staff Writer

The Wellington High School Varsity Basketball team has recently had one of their best seasons to date. Not only are they playing harder and wining more games than ever before, but they have grown closer as a team and as a family.
In response to inquiries as to what exactly made this season so much more successful than seasons in previous years, Arthur Strappazzon replied,
“This season has been great, because our team has built a strong relationship throughout the year. We all make jokes to each other outside of practice, but when it comes to basketball, we all understand how focused we have to be and how hard we have to work to become the dedicated team that we are.”
All of the players bring a great attitude and an abundance of enthusiasm to each and every game they play. To these boys it’s not only about wining, it’s about trying their absolute hardest and knowing that they gave their 110% on the court.
“If we lose, but know that we played hard all game, then that’s what makes us a better and stronger team. So it’s worth losing knowing we tried our absolute best.” says Senior Nicholas Arena in regards to his feelings on facile victories and submissive losses. The squad started this season with six victories and no losses, after losing several games, they soon went on to correct their errors and bring home the wins. Game by game, the Varsity Basketball Team made it to districts.

While their positive attitudes gave these players an unbreakable bond, dedication and hard work brought them to the playoffs. Even though they didn’t win every game, they did not lose sight of the end goal. This has been quite memorable season, when the
team played Blanche Ely, the number one team in the state and number 10 in the nation; they took them all the way to overtime and almost won the game. Even though the score board was against them by the end of the game, they left the gym with their heads held high knowing that they could take on any team that dared to confront the Wellington High School Varsity Basketball Team.
Although our team revels in their latest accomplishments, no number of victories could mean half as much as the friendships and sense of camaraderie that they have built while attaining them.