The Only Thing Hot in LA is the Weather

Brett Pizzi, Writer


The L.A. Lakers started off the season with high hopes of winning a 17th championship, allowing them to tie the Boston Celtics for the most championship wins in NBA history. With super stars such as Kobe Byrant, Pau Gasol, and Metta World Peace returning into the Laker lineup, you would think they would already be primed to make a run-, particularly when throwing in All Star’s Dwight Howard and Steve Nash into the mix. The NBA Championship trophy should have easily been making its way to the west Coast.

The problem is, things never seem to work out the way they are meant to. Currently sporting a 20-26 record with the current roster, fingers have been pointed in every direction physically possible and players have been stepping up, taking responsibility for the poor performance this year.

“I have to do more for this team. There are a lot of responsibilities on my shoulders. I have to step up and take it. It has to be me. It has to start with me. I’m a guy that has to dominate for us to win. We’re not going to win unless I dominate,” said Dwight Howard on Wednesday in an interview with ESPN’s Dave Mcmenamin.

Yet this won’t keep Howard off the trading block. Even with the team itself being worth $393 million, the only thing that is sure for the Lakers is that what they are doing isn’t working.

The Lakers are in need of a facelift. With long time veterans having run their course, how long will it be before the Lakers give up their All Stars and start fresh with a new lineup? What the Lakers decide to do to solve their problems this season will be a moment awaited by Laker fans everywhere.