JV Wellington Santaluces Basketball


Lauren Alsina

Brett Pizzi, Writer

The night started off with the Wolverines winning the opening tip, but that was the only good thing going for Wellington that night. With turnover after turnover, things were not looking up for the team. Sloppy defense, offense that was ran poorly, and players that looked like they had never before played together on the court haunted Wellington throughout the whole game.

The Wolverines weren’t working together as a team on the court but were more as a single person trying to be the hero of the game. The players would drive to the basket without looking at who was on the perimeter. When the ball was passed, things didn’t work out well. Passing was as sloppy, with the many of the passes being intercepted before the play could even form. The defense was constantly broken down by the Santaluces guards who were looking to pass to the open man.

Yet Santaluces had their fair share of problems too. Despite the struggle our offense presented, the Santaluces defense gave up easy baskets in the paint, with their failure to rotate over. On the offensive end turnovers led to many fast break opportunities for the Wolverines, allowing to Wellington to score the majority of their points.

Going into the fourth quarter, Wellington was leading by a very low margin. With the game on the line, the Wolverines locked down on their defense and managed to outscore Santaluces. In the end Wellington emerged victorious in a low scoring, turnover filled showing by a score of 40-36. Before the JV team can look to improve, they need to work on how to play as a team.