138 Points Later…

138 Points Later...

Tyler Alexander, Sports Editor

Jack Taylor was just another player on the roster of Division Three Grinnell.  However, after a 138 point game,Taylor went from another player to trending on Twitter with national recognition.

“It kind of felt like I woke up in a different world, almost,”Taylor said. “Before the game I was just a regular college basketball player.  Now I’m getting tweets from NBA players and getting national and international coverage.  It’s definitely crazy.”

 The 5-10 sophomore guard set an NCAA record by scoring 138 points in a 179-104 victory over Faith Baptist Bible. Taylor shattered the former record of 113 set in 1954. 

While having a 138 point game is an incredible feat, what it took Taylor to do so is the topic of debate.  The sophomore jacked up an unprecedented 108 shots in 36 minutes, making 52 of them.  To put that into perspective, Syracuse put up 103 shots and Connecticut shot 106 times in their classic six-overtime game.

 Granted, it’s hard to compare this performance with any other single, or team performance ever witnessed.  The “Grinnell System” is a style of basketball where an emphasis is put on a full-court press, and early shooting in the shot clock- specifically three’s. Taylor was the epitome of this system, throwing up 71 three pointers, and averaging a shot every 20 seconds.  This style of play is the same that produced an 89 point game last year via Griffin Lentsch. 

  Regardless of the system, putting up 108 shots in a single game is astounding, and frightening at the same time.

 “Not a big fan of Jack Taylor’s 138-pts in Grinnell win.  He took 108-shots including 71-3’s…Just say that out loud.  Now say “team”!” ESPN’s Stuart Scott said. 

 Others were just simply in awe at the accomplishment. 

 “Jack Taylor you deserve a shot of Jack Daniels after that performance lol…wow” Sharp Shooter Kevin Durant said on twitter.

  The now international superstar did interviews with SportsCenter, The Dan Patrick Show, and made appearances on Good Morning America and NBC’s Today Show. 

  Taylor hopes to play overseas following college, and expects his 138 point outing will pave the way for him to do so. 

  “You dream about it as a kid,”Taylor said.  “For it to become a reality like this is something I’m going to cherish for the rest of my life.”