A Team With No Limits

A Team With No Limits


Cyara Finn, Staff Writer

“Wellington volleyball is unlike any other team in this school,” Abbie Jo Schlechter said, “we just have a special bond and everyone is there for eachother.”

With hopes of making it to states once again this year, seniors Abbie Jo Schlechter and Sydney Shinn plan to take this team to victory. A record of 20-3 and a team of strong willed, passionate athletes sounds like a good place to start. Even though the team has lost multiple valuable players, they still plan to come out stronger and better then ever.

“We would come out as the ‘underdogs,’ but we’re ready to take on the challenge!” said Schlechter.With an open heart and an open mind anything can be accomplished with these girls.

“The team is my family. All the girls are my best friends!” said Shinn.

An inseparable bond created over years of playing with one another will soon be coming to end, at least for the two seniors.

But for their athletic careers, it will be a new beginning.

Shinn plans to attend the University of Hawaii playing for their beach volleyball team. Schlechter plans to walk on at the University of Florida.

Last night, the girls put another win under their belt. Spanish River couldn’t handle the heat so they had to get out of the kitchen.

The Wellington wolverine girls volleyball team are bringing their A-game every time they step foot on the court. This is a team with no limits, and they are rising to be victorious.