Track Team Family Trains for Success

Morgan Campbell long jumps at WHS home track meet.

Morgan Campbell long jumps at WHS home track meet.

Samantha Pescatore, Business Manager

“Were one big family” might sound like a cliché coming from any other team, but to the members of the WHS track team, it’s the truth. The runners spend a lot of time together during the season; from practice to the pasta parties, the number of hours is tremendous.

“The team is really close; I have a lot of friends on the team this year. And the coaches are great, they push us hard so we can reach our goals,” Alex Bonadies, sophomore, said.

The runners go through rigorous training. Practice is held every day for about two hours, and track meets can last long after dark. The coaches not only train the athletes on the track, but off of it as well. They motivate, encourage, and push their kids to reach their full potential, often

“Coach Robinson is the motivator; he tells you what you need to get done. Coach Webber is always there encouraging everyone, and Coach Rejc gives you confidence in you to push yourself,” Truly Long, senior said.

Each athlete has a goal or improvement they work on throughout the season. The runners are dedicated, and are always pushing themselves to do better. They are constantly searching for ways to improve, and they don’t give up.

“I know I’ve done my best when Robinson’s not disappointed in me; that’s when it finally pays off,” Nick Leonardi, junior said.

The coaches put a lot of time and effort into helping their runners achieve their goals. As long as their athletes keep improving and working hard, they don’t mind it a bit.

Coach Rejc prepares his athletes both physically and mentally.

“I expect their best and nothing less”, Rejc said.

The WHS track team is aware of both its weaknesses and it’s strengthens, and uses both to their advantage. The coaches do whatever is necessary to help their team succeed.

“This season is harder, we have a larger team with less experience so it’s more work,” Coach Robinson, said.

Even with that being a potential set back, the track team hopes to have a terrific season. Whether they’re winning or just improving, the running family will stop at nothing until they’ve reached their goals.