The Greatest NFL Teams Remembered on Super Bowl Sunday

Meagan Leon, Student Life Editor

As Super Bowl Sunday approaches, fans of all NFL teams reflect on the most influential teams in football history. Without question, the teams that have not only had the most impact, but have also succeeded in the Super Bowl the most, are the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Dallas Cowboys.

The Pittsburgh Steelers, the fifth oldest team in NFL history, started in 1933. The team has been owned by the Rooney family since its creation. The Steelers are one of the NFL’s flagship teams with a vast and widespread fan base, all throughout the country, nicknamed the Steeler Nation.

The Steelers have 6 Super Bowl Championship wins and over 25 other championship titles under their belts. The team is known for breaking countless Super Bowl records—they are the only team after the Miami Dolphins to have held their opponents’ offense scoreless.

Being a Steelers fan is all about being diehard and loyal to the team. “I’m a Steelers fan because of all the crazy fans who make each game look like a family gathering,” said Jenna Laucirica, freshman.

The Dallas Cowboys, on the other hand, are known as “America’s team.” The Cowboys trail right behind the Steelers in Super Bowl wins, with 5 wins, and has over 30 additional championship titles.

While the Cowboys only joined the NFL in 1960, they are known as the highest valued sports franchise in the entire nation and second in the world. The team is also the wealthiest team in the NFL, raking in around $290 million dollars a year.

The Cowboys are not only known for the fame and fortune but also for their honor and prestige. “They’re known for a tradition of being a well respected and a ‘by the books’ team. They always work hard, and win their victories the right way,” said Andy LeMay, senior.

While this year’s Super Bowl doesn’t feature either of the two most popular teams, they are still valued for their long histories and countless victories. No matter who wins on February 5, Super Bowl season always makes football fans reminisce over this great American tradition.