New Form of Martial Arts Gains Popularity in Wellington


Samantha Pescatore, Business Manager

Kicking, flipping, practice,  and determination. That is what the extreme sport of tricking is all about.

Tricking, a form of modern martial arts, is a new activity where flips and kicks are key. Though it is still new to the world of sports, it is being practiced by some talented WHS students.

“To me the most important aspect of tricking is personal style. Not every single tricker does things the same way, and each person should be different from the rest,” James Curtiss, junior, said.

Tricking was started by karate, tae kwon do, and martial arts experts who had already achieved their maximum ranking in their sport. Once they ran out of things to learn, they invented something no one had ever seen before.

Those who trick at WHS have learned the sport in a variety of ways.

“I started during freshmen year. [Former student] Rory Jenkins introduced it to me, while Daryl Sin and his brother taught me. I began to get serious with it during the end of my sophomore year,” Mike Ross, junior, said.

Austin Sweeney, junior, learned to trick by a combination of methods.

“People can learn to trick by watching videos, or just coming to someone he or she knows who tricks. Trickers are always open to teaching others,” Sweeney said.

If performed incorrectly, tricking can be dangerous. It’s a combination of sports that are extremely hard on the body. Necks, backs, ankles, and knees are proven to be affected the most by this extreme sport.

“I have had no bone breaking injuries from tricking but I have sprained my ankle, bruised a couple ribs, and also tore some muscles – nothing serious though,” Jacob Sanchez, senior, said.

Though it can be dangerous, tricking is also exhilarating.

“My favorite trick is the butterfly twist! The butterfly kick, when done properly, is a very majestic move,” Sam Ancene, junior, said. “When I’m doing a B-twist, which adds speed and power to the B-Kick, I feel like I’m as majestic as Ballerina but as powerful as a tornado!”

Trickers are always learning and inventing new tricks. Twists, flips and a variety of kicks are needed to complete each routine. Tricking is generally more popular in big cities such as New York City, San Francisco, Las Angelos, and now West Palm Beach.

“Hopefully tricking will become as popular as other extreme sports,” Sweeney said.

Local trickers in Wellington practice anywhere they can. Some go to Pierson Park or TNT, a local gym which is open exclusively for trickers every Friday night 7-8:30. Wellington is getting a small taste of the sport now, but within a couple years it could easily turn into the next pop culture craze.

Daryl Sin Tricking Clip