Swim Team Ends Season with a Big Splash

Swim Team Ends Season with a Big Splash

Stephanie Courtois, Editor in Chief

            It all comes down to the pasta party. That means it is time to compete. Before each major meet, the Wellington Swim Team fills up on carbohydrates to prepare for the full body workout that they will endure the next morning. The combination of practice, a hearty meal and rest prepared them for their Districts meet on October 25.

             Their hard work paid off as the girls came in second place and with the boys close in third overall. These results qualified select members to compete in Regionals on November 4.

            Practices for the WHS team are held from 6 to 7 p.m., Monday through Friday. A majority of the swimmers participate in club swim as well which runs from 3:30 to 6:30 p.m. The team strives to get better each time and their meets show off their vigor in the sport.

             One team member in particular is incredibly close to setting a record that he is trying to achieve.

            “The current record for the 50 yard free[style] is 21.3 seconds and I have so far finished in 21.9 seconds even,” Joey Campbell, senior, said.

            The Regional meet was a success with three members qualifying to advance to States. Kamil Baska, Joey Campbell and Alexa Elkins were eligible to attend the finals and they put their whole hearts into the competition on November 10.

            Recently, the freshmen swimmers were initiated in to the team, passing down a time honored tradition. Their heads were shaved and their patriotism to the team was proudly worn on their newly bald heads. One day they will bring home the win.

            “This year’s team is improving to where we used to be before there were many high schools competing in this sport,” Richard Whalen, coach, said. “We have a lot of personal best times and there were students who barely missed the opportunity to advance from Regional’s.”

            It has been a great season for all, and now it comes to a close. Until next year of course, when the swim team triumphs again.