A Prom Dream Come True

WHS Yearbook

Sam Pescatore, Business Manager

It all begins with “the dream,” the prom dream. Any girl who has seen a chick flick about high school knows it. It starts out with hectic weeks of preparing, planning, and picking, and is followed by a, hopefully, unforgettable night.

Preparation generally starts two to three months before prom. The first major step is figuring out which group, or person, to go with. Attendees then have to decide on what mode of transportation to take- Limousine? Party bus? Parent’s Mercedes? The options are endless.

“Everything is stressful,” Kaci Bennet, senior, said. “I think arranging all the people who are in the group and getting the limos or buses is the worst.”

All prom reservations need to be made early on. The sooner everything is picked, the better. Once the group and transportation is decided, the meticulous planning begins.

Most prom-goers want everything one-hundred percent perfect. Dinner plans, nail and hair appointments, and the after-prom plan have to be determined in advance.

For girls, prom is all about their ensemble. Most girls have a dream prom dress, but finding that dress isn’t easy. Moreover, prom is expensive. The chick flicks many prom-goers watched as kids tend to overlook that aspect of the event, but for the students at WHS it’s dually noted.

“Ah, money. Between tickets, a limo, the dress, hair, makeup, and everything else, it’s crazy how quickly it all adds up,” Daria Taylor, senior, said.

Once the buyer has set her dress budget, the long hours of shopping can begin. Many agree that finding the right dress is difficult.

“When I think of prom I think of every girl looking beautiful and every guy looking handsome and everyone coming together and having fun for a night,” Gabrielle Lintz, junior, said.

After what seems like endless hours of shopping, the ensemble is determined, and everything seems to fall into place. This is when “the dream” starts to look like a reality.

What makes this reality special is always a particular aspect, specific to each prom-goer. For some, it’s the way they were asked, the location, or maybe even their perfect prom date.

Brittany Middlebrook, senior, was asked to prom by her boyfriend, David Koos. The couple is ecstatic for the event.

“My dream prom is going with the most perfect date, which I have,” Middlebrook said, “[Also,] go with your closest friends, and just have a night that you will never forget.”

Prom is finally right around the corner. The next few weeks will be filled with last minute tweaks on dresses and accessory changes. After all the anticipation, it will be here and the unforgettable high school dream prom night will become a reality.