2014 Homecoming Themes

Gabrielle Harris, Editor-in-Chief

After hours and hours of intense arguments, the homecoming theme has finally been decided. It wasn’t necessarily hours, more like 40 or so minutes give or take,  that it took Wellington High School students to decide on one decision for the 2014 overall Homecoming theme.


It started out with many random ideas being thrown around such as 90s Cartoons, Road Trips and Masquerade. The ideas finally made it down to the five final ideas. Those ideas were the following: Disney, Music, Musicals, Around the World and Islands of Adventure.


The idea that was chosen for the 2014 Homecoming theme was Islands of Adventure! The freshman class will be Jurassic Park, the sophomores will be the wizards and witches of Harry Potter, the junior class will be zapping down the hallways as superheroes and the senior class will be in Seussland, a Dr. Seuss theme.